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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  November 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we begin this noon with news of another terror attack, this time, gunman stormed luxury hotel in the west african nation of mali, and, taken 100 hostages. good afternoon i'm erika von tiehl. there are several fatalities reported in this attack. mali state television just report that had 18 bodies have been found, and that the hotel siege is now over. the deadly attack unfolded in bama ako, the capitol of mali. craig bosskill filed this.
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>> reporter: report freed hostages ran for safety in the mali capitol after ten suspect extremist, ambushed radisson blue hotel. group armed with guns and grenade stormed hotel and took 170 people hostage. all are now safe. witnesses say men shouted god is great in arabic during their assault. a senior u.s. official told cbs news that americans were registered at the hotel including employees of the state department and embassy. mali is a former french colony and today's violence comes one week after the terror attacks in paris. president obama was asked about the siege, during a meeting in mali lays a. >> we are monitoring the the situation. >> reporter: u.s. and french forces stationed in the west a african nation helped mali military free the hostages. hotel is popular with foreigners, employees with air france and turkish airlines were staying there. two terror groups linked toal cade air claiming responsibility, for this deadly siege. craig boswell for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". it has been one week since terrorist rock par business a series of deadly a attacks. parisans pause todd pay tribute while they search for a key suspects, was extended. cbs news correspondent tina krause has latest from paris. >> manhunt for salah abdeslam has widened to the netherland. belgium terror suspected slipped a away from attacks in paris and french officials admit they have no idea where he is. investigators used a cell phone found near bataclan theater to track down suspect ring leader abdelhamid abaaoud, police reportedly watched him and his cousin enter an apartment in saint denis and launched a raid hours later killing both of them. french prosecutors say a third suspect, also died in wednesday's shoot-out. abdelhamid abaaoud was reportedly caught on surveillance video at this subway station in the paris suburb within an hour after the massacre. he is apparently seen jumping security barrier to get in.
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>> it is a absolutely incredible. >> reporter: this woman says how is it possibly could slip away so quickly after that. >> everything is scary now. >> reporter: police said they found a getaway car abandoned nearby leading to speculation that abdelhamid abaaoud might have helped carry out at tax. the paris resident, quinton, woy to terrorist will hit his city again. >> i think it is not finished, because one action in another and again and again. >> reporter: it has been a week since terrorist hit and many parisans stopped in the rain to pay tribute to the victim. one person wounded in the attacks has died. 130 people have now lost their lives. tina krause for cbs news, paris. the senate will now vote on a bill that could temporarily halt all syrian and iraqi refugees from entering the u.s. house overwhelmingly passed that bill yesterday. some are concerned isis
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fighters posing as refugees will attempt to gain access to the u.s. one of the paris terrorist reportedly did just that to get into europe. some senate democrats say that they will a attempt to block the vote, if that bill does pass through the senate, president obama said he will veto it. stay with cbs-3 for very lateness paris. when not on tv we are on line at cbs israeli spy jonathan paulard has been released from the united states prison. paulard, now 61, served 33 years for selling intelligence secrets to israeli agents. this is video of the paulard this morning at federal courthouse in manhattan. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu praised the decision to release pollard, pollard refused to speak to the media. now a grizzly discovery in the north philadelphia garage that land a funeral director behind bars. seven two-year old janet powell, daily faces abuse of corpse charges. police said they found three
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bodies in the garage she owned on well haggard street in august. powell bailey is accused of accepting money from the families to provide services that were never rendered. a jackknife tractor trailer damaged a section of the pennsylvania turnpike this morning. chopper three over crash scene in king of prussia as state police and e ms responded. we are told the truck was traveling westbound when it crashed just before 9:00 o'clock. debris from the concrete tea trieder launched in the eastbound lanes. one vehicle hit that debris but no one was injured. and philadelphia police every investigating a traffic, a tragic accident in west philadelphia. a plumbing contractor was killed while working in a site at 63rd near market street late last night. police say a vehicle lost control and fell in the hole where that man was working. he was pronounced dead at that scene. it is unclear if the driver will face any charges. it is marathon weekend in philadelphia, and thousands will hit the asphalt on sunday, and in the wake of the recent terror attacks around the globe you can bet security
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will be tight. lets check with "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff who joins us from the pennsylvania convention center where those runners are picking up their packets, their first step, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. we just learn that the the line is run fast, run far, run philly. that is what 30,000 the athletes have come here to do this weekend. we just finished up this kick off event at the convention center. this is actually the starting line for a weekend full of health inspired events around this this city. all leading up to that marathon sunday morning that includes, a half, 8k and even a kid fun run. philadelphia marathon is an olympic and boston qualifier, so elite athletes from around the world are now here in this city. the event tracks around 60,000 spectators, with following recent events around europe and around the world have been a priority. mayor nutter said earlier this week that he had been
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contact with home land security and that no credible threats had been made to this city. but still security will be enhanced and safe zones established. they have been around the start and finish areas. all those entering those areas will have to be screen. on a lighter note, mayor nutter known for his spirited high five for runners revealed about his training schedule. >> yes, i'm please todd announce, that today, that i am here and prepared to get out at least 20,000 high five's to all of the runners. >> reporter: i think he almost had us fooled, i had my twitter out, those high five's are very important. you can see the high five award winner. we will speak to him after this shot here. i want to talk about the secure zones that have been established. it will be a replica with what we saw with the pope with anyone wanting to get inside and outside will have have to
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be rescreen with their bags check. runners have have been getting clear bags like the world meeting of families. those will be established from 18th to 25th street on the benjamin franklin parkway. reporting live, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> looking forward to seeing the high five's a, thank you. runners will need to bundle up, changes in the air and certainly cooler then it has been but this is actually pretty normal for november. lets check with katie outside on the sky deck. i see you have the jacket on. you need it. >> he yes, even though we had a breeze that kicked up a little bit in between my hits here and it was just enough to make it fl that much chillier. i definitely suggest layers but this is a gorgeous late november day and i have to tell you, erika, it is sobriety, our future just needs shade at this point. i will need to step closer and see my graphics. it is sobriety. not usually a problem, right? but we are expect to go see temperatures start to drop off here with time. lets talk about the differences ahead. actual high yesterday,
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67 degrees. the it was so much a dreary day. come sunday look at the drop off that takes place. in between there we are looking at seasonal conditions there. storm scan empty, quiet, frontal boundary has long since retreated. here's where we stan right now 55 degrees at philly international where wind is light. it feels as you a om, outside. but again, i definitely suggest that you bring a along that extra layer because when that wind picks up, even though it is not terribly strong, it is enough to be noticeable. expect that bright sunshine, couple weather accessories i suggest for the a afternoon, extra layer and a pair of shades but thankfully any of this wind will be tapering off while the temperatures start to drop off more, that is something that has got to go away. erika. >> katie, thank you. this noon the the covenant house/pennsylvania has raised a quarter million-dollar to serve our cities homeless youth. but what sets this fundraiser apart is its participants which include many local vip's did sleep outside. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch has that store
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friday germantown. >> reporter: on blanket covered blacktop and under a box toll brother group president chris gaffany has a bed but for one night each year he and others sleep outside. >> not able to sleep for five minutes and a horn beeps, and the sirens go off of a fire engine. you jump. you say to yourself, you cannot imagine how some kids could endure that. >> reporter: that is why gaffany has toll brothers team and others have done this for three others, feeling a bit of what it is like to be a homeless youth with the covenant house/pennsylvania sleep out. the fundraiser helps the germantown area shelter feed, clothe and aid 500 kid each year. although constraints cause them to turn hundreds away too. the shelter counts about 4,000 city high school students having experienced homelessness, some having to sleep in boxes, like this one. >> it is a week before thanksgiving a time when we reflect for what we are thankful for.
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>> reporter: executive director john ducould have says covenant shelter hold 50 bed and kid are great full and sometimes surprised. >> first thing they say is what, really, that is crazy, i' not doing that. but the power of young people saying i'm going to go upstairs to my safe, warm bed and there will be 65 business leaders sleeping outside on a cold i windy night to help me. that send a message to our kids that they are not alone. >> reporter: justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead this noon it is awkward when you break up with someone but you still see them on social media, right? coming up a new feature tested on facebook that will ease awkwardness and just maybe help you really stay friends with your x. police car dash cam catches a fugitive on the run a away right there. do you see that? yep, it is a cow in the middle of the
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the long awaited adele album is tout day but you won't find it streaming on line. >> ♪ >> if you want 25, you will have to pay for it. adele is one of several artist his who have come out begins free streaming services saying it amounts to giving away their work for free. twenty-five is expect to be one of the best selling albums in years. what a voice. final installment of the hunger games series, it is now
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out in theaters. >> stop killing for him. tonight, turn your weapons to the capitol. >> fans are flock to go see mockingjay part two, at river view plaza at columbus boulevard movie goers said they were sad to see the series end. >> like, i can't believe like four years of my life is over, like three books later and four movies, and it is over. it is good. i am sad that it is over. all of the books, i read them all. it has been a long time coming it is sad to see them end but great movie. >> confusing but good movie. >> little confusing because there is a plot that is not in the book. fans say ending is a little different, so just be a aware if you see it this weekend. i will be there in three hours. still ahead, breaking up is hard to do, so facebook wants to make it easier with some new features. it will let you break up but
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still stay friend. we will explain. katie ? interesting phenomenon. we are definitely looking ahead to not just a drop in temperatures but down right wintry chill in the outlook. i will tell you how cold it will get? when will it be cold? you will need an extra heavy eagles sweat shirt, my friend, details, coming up.
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back on "eyewitness news" a new facebook features hope to ease awkwardness of the break up. the technology allows couples to stay friends but not see each others posts. the it is for users who don't want to unfriend or block each other. feature allows users to remove their names from their pass posts, involving their x. facebook is making all these changes. so often we roll our eyes this seems helpful. >> great idea. it definitely is. >> transition go to our weather. >> yes, how do you switch over from that. >> breaking up on facebook to it is cold out.
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>> yes. >> let's just do it. >> yes, here we go. >> get right to it. we will actually end up with pretty chilly air looking ahead to the second half of the weekend. for now it is very typical outside but change in the weather is messing with my voice. cow hear it going. i had demi moore thing going, that is what i keep telling myself. bear with me, we will get through together. i would say i have good news in this forecast too. lets start off with the beautiful view. look at that gorgeous blue skies on storm scan three. it is clear as a bell. it is leading to this beautiful sky line for us a as we face east overlooking from our very own studios here on spring garden street. next up as we mentioned storm scan go to the clear, empty, it is quiet as can be. i want to show your next future which is our story. we will zoom it out. already streaking snowfall across portions of iowa, minnesota back in the south dakota, nebraska area. in snow for us. do not worry about that.
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this will be the next weather producer for our area more than anything the next cold air pro producer for our area we are at our daytime high at philly international. so much colder back towards great lakes region. 28 degrees right now in minneapolis. now, again we're in the looking at quite that kind of the chill, but we are certainly going to see more winter like feel to the atmosphere looking forward. beautiful blue skies on the live neighborhood network. 52 degrees here. it will stay that way really. tomorrow, why? thank our good buddy high pressure for that. mid 50's for today. keeping in the 50's tomorrow. few more clouds but dry, and then we will get in the second half of the weekend. typically cold front like we saw yesterday will bring in wet weather. this one moisture starved by the time it reaches us but does bring with it that chill. we're stuck in the 40's on game day sunday and looking forward to monday as well. the chillies here for two straight days and then we will start to see bound, we're looking forward to the
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thanksgiving day holiday nonetheless. lets take a quick peak at what we're talking about on sunday. 48 degrees. coldest it has been since this past april. that will be like a rude, awakening. in terms of the eagles game itself we are talking about 46 d daytime or rather kick off temperature. but moving forward, we will keep that in the forecast on monday as well. then rebound does begin. fifty-four on wednesday, and come turkey day, had to put our pals, up there on the seven day, i know it is erika's favorite. 57 degrees witthe sunshine at that point. pretty quiet the forecast relatively speaking. >> it will be cold but bright. >> yes. >> thank you. time to check your philadelphia jobs market report, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger looks at some of the best job benefits. >> reporter: unlimited vacation time, on site child care, free food, these perks are a reality a at some companies but employees say there is one benefit that trumps them all, flexibility in, a survey by staffing firm
12:22 pm
modus, more than 50 percent of those surveyed chose flexible work hours as perk they most desired. flexibility can mean a variety of things from working at home to not having been at the the office at the same time each day, in many cases, this flexibility is more important than money. glassdoor found that 79 percent of the employees will prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase this was particularly important to women and younger employees. these younger employees say that ideally they would like to tell i commute full-time. the average commuter is 49 years old, college educated, and earns more than $65,000 a year. that is because increasingly these poss are not relegate todd customer service or administrative work, it is often managers and even executives that have the corner on flexibility. i'm jill schlesinger for
12:23 pm
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you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy! fill your cart with everything you need this season, all at one place. my giant.
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coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 scalled frankenfish could becoming to the dinner plate near you. soon you could be eating genetically modified salmon but not even know it. the f.d.a. says no labels are needed, but not everyone is happen bye that. what you need to know to day at the 5:00. then tonight at 6:00 it is peanut butter pick me up,
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latest trend in caffeinated food. one serving of steamed peanut butter is almost as potent as two cups of coffee. at 6:00 why health experts are concerned about potentially dangerous effects on children and pets. right now though let's end with this, a four legged fugitive kept a few san antonio police officers busy on tuesday night. here, do you see that. running a across your screen was a cow on the loose. dash cam captured the a animal showing off his best moves to avert capture. he ran around for 20 minutes before texas officers used a very texas way of reeling it in, they snagged it with the lasso. before that it was utter chaos. >> i do get that, it is utterly adorable. >> so close. >> i had a feeling. all right that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm erika von tiehl. the for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 we are always on line, at cbs philly.
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>> devon: gwen, are you really gonna be jealous of a woman who was in a coma? >> gwen: why shouldn't i be? i mean, neil is slipping away, and i knew that this was gonna happen. i knew it. when they were spending so much time together and being so close and the guilt -- all the guilt since this whole thing started. >> devon: what does neil have to be guilty for? >> gwen: nothing. [ sighs ] just he was angry that you and hilary and cheated on him, and he wanted you guys to suffer. >> devon: and he forgave us at our wedding. >> gwen: great. so let's -- let's just drop it, all right? >> devon: no. we're not gonna drop it. i want to know what you know. is there anything? i mean, you need to tell me. >> gwen: are you looking for another reason why the people we love are upstairs in a hotel room togetr?
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10:38 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
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10:59 pm
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11:18 pm
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11:21 pm
11:22 pm
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